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Make your home a sustainable haven with our easy tips on eco-friendly living, energy-saving practices, and reducing waste.

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Zero Waste Emergency Kit for Your Home

We all know the importance of being prepared for emergencies, but have you ever considered creating a zero waste emergency ...
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15 Tips to Sleep Better

We’ve all been there – staring at the ceiling at 3 AM, replaying that awkward conversation, or stressing about tomorrow’s ...
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8 Things to Know About Minimalizmus

Minimalism. The word itself conjures up images of sleek apartments with barely any furniture, spotless kitchens with nothing on the ...
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10 Things You Should Know How To Repair

Let’s face it, calling a repair person can be a pain. They often have scheduling quirks, and the bill can ...
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How to Create a Non-Toxic Kitchen

Let’s talk about how to create a non-toxic kitchen that’s healthy for you and the environment. We all know that ...
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15 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Let’s talk about something important: our planet. We all know things are a bit…well, toasty these days. Climate change is ...
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17 Places to Sell Your Used Clothing and Accessories Online

Let’s face it—our wardrobes can become a black hole where clothes and accessories go to retire, collecting dust and taking ...
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35 Things You Should Not Buy Anymore in Sustainable Living

In a world where climate change is more than just a buzzword, adopting a sustainable lifestyle is no longer a ...
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45 Positive Changes to Live More Sustainably

Living a more sustainable life doesn’t mean making drastic changes overnight. It’s about making small, positive changes that add up ...
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29 Super Easy Ways To Be More Sustainable in Life

In our fast-paced world, it’s common to miss out on the small things that could have a significant impact. Luckily, ...
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